"The Cloud" is a term being used to describe a lot of different technologies right now. It has been used to describe remote desktops, off-site backups, browser based applications, virtual machines and a whole lot more. Unfortunately there is no single definition to define what "The Cloud" really is. "The Cloud" is and will always be different for everyone.

As far as the Lehman Consulting Firm is concerned "The Cloud" is any process or request not handled by your local computer. This means if you need to be connected to the internet in order to perform an action you are utilizing "The Cloud".

The Lehman Consulting Firm can help your organization use "The Cloud" by analyzing your current processes and procedures to build a cloud based solution which will be either more stable, secure, cost effective, useful or all the above.

Once your organization starts to see the benefits of "The Cloud" the sky will be the limit.

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