The Latest News About Lehman Consulting Firm


04-08-2014 Windows Suppport for Windows XP ends today. What a great day to move to Linux.

03-03-2013 We spent the weekend testing Netflix on Linux. It's not a native load but it worked without any problems on two diffrent systems. Now we are one step closer to living in a world without Microsoft Windows.

02-24-2013 We have setup Drupal to use as a project management portal between AUM Technologies and One Place Family Justice Center.

02-22-2013 We had the opportunity to demonstrate the power of Drupal to member of AUM Technologies this morning.

02-19-2013 It took a good bit of the night but converting a regular website menu to a mobile dropdown list is now a simple task for the Lehman Consulting Firm.

02-18-2013 The "green screen" was permanently mounted in the office today. I'll be posting some test footage in the next few weeks.

07-12-2011 First Microsoft Windows XP Virtual Desktop added to the Virtual Server.

07-11-2011 Server up and running. First Ubuntu Linux virtual desktop added to Virtual Server.

07-10-2011 Setting up first Virtual Box server. This server will be a demo server to house multiple virtual desktops base images.